About Us

I love growing plants and either eating/drinking them or converting them into other usable things – for instance, the lavender I grow becomes a beautiful room spray, or cleanser for floors and surfaces.

Most of all I hate waste!

So, even before the rose petals have fallen, I am inspecting the plant for future ‘drops’ and am poised ready to collect them and harness their amazing properties ( either by drying them, or immediately making into an oil for later use).


Aromantic Natural Skin Care course

In 2014 I attended a one-day course in Forres, Morayshire, where Aromantic has their office base, and was struck by the number of people there who wanted to learn how to make skin care products either for themselves or their family members/friends. A common feature was that many of them (or their family members/friends) had skin conditions; they were tired of asking doctors for medicated creams/shampoos,  and having to resort occasionally to steroid therapy. Everyone wanted to make products that were as natural as possible.



As an avid tide-watcher and long-time explorer by kayak, I also am intrigued by seaweeds and have for years been looking at ways to incorporate their glorious unctuousness and health-giving properties into both foods and skin products.

Sea Kelp Shampoo is my first seaweed product to be brought to the market, and I hope to add more before long.