Islandelements intention is to produce skincare and rinse-off products that are as natural as possible, and made without harm to the environment or animals

Detergents used are derived from natural sources  eg. Coconut, sustainable palm oil, and sugar

Detergents that are the subject of controversy, such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate, are not used

Other ingredients:-  Guar Gum is a thickener and conditioner of natural origin

Omega Fat Restorer is sourced from olive oil

Preservative Eco  is the most eco-friendly of preservatives and is needed to give
products a reasonable shelf-life

Essential Oils are sourced from reputable companies

Water and herbal/seaweed infusions are sourced entirely on Colonsay

Our bottles are made of PET plastic, which is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly


ALL PRODUCTS  MEET EU Cosmetic Safety Assessment Standards

Islandelements products are made entirely on the Isle of Colonsay


Our  back labels – click on image for a larger view: