Rosemary and Sage Shampoo

Herbs, like rosemary and sage, grow particularly well in the maritime climate of the Hebrides. Protected from the worst of the winds, Island Elements’ herbs grow in a mature walled garden on the island’s east coast. Rainfall is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, sunshine hours are relatively high, and, most importantly, the air is pollution-free.


ROSEMARY   ‘for remembrance’….and is in fact used by herbalists to treat forgetfulness. It is alleged to promote mental agility, loyalty, and purification.

A certain Roger Hackett D.D. said in a sermon that

“ Speaking of the powers of Rosemary, it overtoppeth all the flowers in the garden….It helpeth the brain, strengtheneth the memory, and is very medicinable in the head” *

More appropriately for islandelements, an infusion of Rosemary leaves and flowers makes a very good hair and scalp conditioner, and treatment for dandruff.


SAGE    again, has been claimed to ‘preserve the faculties of memory’…..and

“He that would live for aye

Must eat Sage in May” *

Apparently the chief goodness in sage is to be found when the herb comes into flower in May.

Also, the claim was made by an 18th century herbalist that

“….it will long prevent the hands from trembling and the eyes from dimness and make the lamp of life, so long as nature lets it burn, burn brightly”*


For islandelements the value of sage is in its anti-bacterial properties, and its ability to promote skin healing.


*A Book Of Herbs  by Dawn MACLEOD    1968